Skipper’s school

TRIP is organising the Skipper’s School for its active members who want to become a skipper of TRIP. The Skipper’s School offers a great possibility to practice practical skills before taking the skipper’s exam. The Skipper’s School includes five training sessions during a sailing season. For whom? The application criteria are
  • approved Navigation 1 exam or similar skills;
  • day skipper course or other similar skills;
  • 100 nautical miles sailed;
  • activity in TRIP is taken account, the minimum is 20 bee hours.
In addition, the motivation of the applicant and the benefit which the applicant would receive as a Skipper’s School participant will be taken account. When? 5 evenings during the sailing season. The reservations are booked before the Skipper’s Meeting. The selected members will have a kick-off meeting on 6 May 2021 (TBA).
By whom? TRIP teachers or captains

Price? 20 bee hours and boat reservation fee of the day. The reservations are interpreted as own reservations in accordance with the Boat Reservation Rules.
How many will be selected? 3-9 applicants will be selected

May I get a formal diploma? The Skipper’s School is an informal training course for active TRIP members and hence no diploma is provided. 

How to apply? Apply here by 24 April 2021.

More information satu.lindvall(a)