Navigation courses


In springs TRIP organizes navigation courses and exams according to Suomen Navigoinninopettajat ry’s education system. Coordinating teachers authorized by Suomen Navigoinninopettajat ry together with teachers and assistant teachers are responsible for the contents and teaching of the courses. 

Navigation 1 (Inland waters and the Baltic Sea) (FIN + ENG)

Navigation 1 -course is an entry-level course about the theory of navigation and the rules of marine traffic. You will learn for example how to find your way between the right sea marks, plot a course on a nautical chart, and recognize other vessels based on their light and sound signals. The course starts from the fundamentals, so no previous knowledge is required. 
Navigation 1 (ENG) -course will be organized from February to April on Monday evenings on spring 2023. The course starts 20.02. and ends to a paper exam, which will be organized exceptionally on Tuesday 11.04., because of Easter. The exam is possible to do also as an online exam, during Wed 12.04–Thu 31.08.2023.
You will find the more specific timetable and information about the registration here. Price list of the course and material fees you will find here.
The registration to Navigation 1 (ENG) -course and exams has been closed.

Navigation 2 (Tidal waters and the Mediterranean) (FIN)

Navigation 2 -course is a continuation of Navigation 1 -course and gives you information for example about tides, weather and the use of radar. It also deepens the understanding and skills of navigation you have gained before. An accepted Navigation 1 or saaristolaivuri exam (or an exam on a similar level) is required for taking the Navigation 2 -exam. 
Navigation 2 -course (FIN) will be organized during February and March in spring 2023. It will be held on Wednesdays, starting from 08.02. and ending to an exam organized on 29.03.
You will find the more specific timetable and information about the registration here (in Finnish). Price list of the course and material fees you will find here (in Finnish).

When, where and how?

Courses last for eight weeks, containing seven three-hour lectures and an exam, which is organized in the final week. Lectures are held once a week on weekday evenings in Otaniemi (to be announced) apart from one online lecture for Navigation 2 (FIN). More specific timetable for Navigation 1 (ENG) for 2023 you will find here. Previously courses have been carried out also as entirely as online courses.
Lectures consist of going through materials, which are based on the Malcom Pearson’s book and the contents created by Suomen Navigoinninopettajat, doing calculation and nautical chart exercises and learning how to use tools of navigation. Courses are tight packages full of things to learn, so exercises should be done also at home. Attendance is not compulsory but it is highly recommended for gaining a clear picture of the content and preparing for the exam. 
The exam is possible to do as a traditional paper exam on the exam day or as a flexible online exam. The paper exam is included in the course fee – the online exam on the other hand increases the course fee by 10 euros. It is also possible to do just a paper or online exam without the course, for example if you haven’t participated in the exam before. If there is enough demand, TRIP will possibly organize a retake next autumn. In case you are interested in that possibility you can email the board to After an approved exam you will receive a certificate from Suomen Navigoinniniopettajat via email. 


  • Navigation courses are a good way to learn important knowledge and skills of seafaring, for boating in a more secure and safe manner. 
  • By participating in this spring’s courses you can put the learned know-how into practice right away during the season of 2023. 
  • An accepted Navigation 1 -exam is one of the club’s requirements for being a first mate of TRIP.
  • An accepted Navigation 2 -exam is one of the club’s requirements for being a captain of TRIP.
  • A certificate of Navigation 2 -exam is one way to prove your theory knowledge in case you want to apply for an International Certificate of Competence ICC (Kansainvälinen huviveneenkuljettajankirja) from Traficom. Also a Navigation 1 -certificate can be accepted if you have done a complementary exam about tides. 

And let’s not forget that during the courses you can get to know nice people with similar interests and maybe find some friends for next summer’s sailing trips!

For who?

Navigation courses, like other TRIP’s courses are for members only. If you are not a member yet, you can join by filling in the registration form via this link
We organize courses both in Finnish and English. Navigation 1 -course is held in both languages and Navigation 2 -course is only in Finnish. You can find more information about courses in Finnish here
Prior knowledge is not required for participating Navigation 1 -course. However, prior knowledge (for example Navigation 1- or Saaristolaivuri course) is recommended if you are interested in participating Navigation 2 (FIN)-course. You can participate in Navigation 2 -exam also without an exam and certificate of lower lever course.
Concerning skills in maths, a bit higher level of knowledge is expected compared to courses of Työväenopisto’s courses. The math skills learned in basic education are enough.

How much does it cost?

Price list of the course and material fees for 2023 you will find here.
On top of the course itself, course fees include one paper exam and a certificate, which will be sent via email after an accepted exam.
You will receive an invoice after the course registration, please use the reference number. You have 14 days to pay the invoice after you have sent the registration form. In addition, please be prepared to show a receipt of payment when picking up the course material.
Courses are carried out by volunteers and course payments are used for paying rent of the course premises and the costs of exams. The profits are used for supporting Teekkaripurjehtijat ry’s activity.

What do you need to take with you?

Information in this section concerns only the equipment you will need in the English version of Navigation 1. The information on courses held in Finnish you will find from here
Equipment essential for the course is a course book (Reeds Skipper’s Handbook by Malcolm Pearson), a rehearsal map, a protractor triangle, a navigational divider, a ruler, a pencil, an eraser and a calculator. The map, the protractor triangle and the navigational divider are possible to order via TRIP when you are filling in the registration form for courses and exams. You will find the price list of materials here. The course book on the other hand isn’t possible to order via TRIP, but it is available in most bookstores. You can also ask for a used book in TRIP’s Slack channel #koulutus if you are already a member.
The protractor triangle is a protractor used for navigation, which makes it easier to plot a course on a chart. The divider which you can order from TRIP is a navigational divider but also a regular divider is enough. We recommend the navigation divider made from brass, the one you can use with one hand. 
The Navigation 1 -course is based on the course book Reeds Skipper’s Handbook by Malcolm Pearson and the materials of Suomen Navigoinninopettajat. 
The materials ordered from TRIP are given during the first lectures of the course – remember to take the receipt of the payment with you. 

How to get more information?

You can get more information about the navigation courses by sending an email to the board to address or straight to the Head of Education (theory courses) Emmi to address If you are already a member of Teekkaripurjehtijat ry, we recommend you to send your question on the slack-channel #koulutus.