The new board for 2022 has been elected

In the Election Meeting on Fri 26th November, the new board and officials for the club was elected as follows:

Board 2022:

  • Vera Anttila (commodore)
  • Laura Pokka (secretary)
  • Jaakko Söderholm (treasurer)
  • Judit Lindstedt (head of education)
  • Sofia Inkeroinen (head of education)
  • Jan Gustafsson (head of boat maintenance, FirsTrip)
  • Benjamin Jokinen (head of boat maintenance, GinTrip)
  • Mari Kolkki (communications)
  • Karri Pönni (events)

Officials 2022

  • Igor Prozheev (head of boat maintenance, ElecTrip)
  • Arpad Toldy (dinghy master)
  • Nina Lukin (Tripventure responsible)
  • Asta Mykkänen (Tripventure responsible)
  • Minni Mankki (annual ball responsible)

Congratulations for the elected! The board 2022 chooses later the members for teams and elects more officials if needed.